What is an Industrial Mobile Workstation?

Industrial mobile computer workstations


The medical field today has seen a vast expansion in the use of technology. In a single generation, we have seen an increase in conversion from paper and file-based hard copy documents to a significantly more time-efficient digital copy that is immediately available at any computer connected to the network.

While paper copies are still in use today, there is no doubt that the use of technology has made all medical professional lives easier.

So we ask ourselves, what is an industrial mobile computer workstation? And what role, if any, does it play the medical field?

Definition and Description

Industrial mobile computer workstations have been, and are continuing to be, incorporated for use in medical offices around the world. One can find these workstations in examination rooms, surgical suites, emergency rooms, and even in-patient care rooms.

These mobile workstations give medical professionals similar freedom of mobility that comes with the use of pen and paper while additionally providing access to digital documents within the entire hospital and office network. This allows professionals to access patient records, past and present medical documents along with the patient’s history.

Everything a doctor or nurse needs is right at their fingertips with the click of a button.


It’s not just the computer though, as rather than being stationary on a desk, counter or even mounted to a wall, an industrial mobile computer workstation provides much-needed mobility in a fast-paced and at times an unforgiving environment.


An industrial workstation is durable for long-term use and is manufactured using materials ranging from tough plastic to steel. The optional inclusion of a power supply enables the workstation to be maneuvered away from wall outlets, which provides additional mobility that has been traditionally unreachable with stationary workstations.


A favorite of the industrial mobile computer workstations is the option for customization. Most stations include shelving or drawers; however, with customization, a medical team has the opportunity to get exactly what they need. From mobility, height adjustment, shelving, and even drawer count and depth, a customized workstation is ideal for a busy office.

The designs available with these types of workstations allow for an easy to clean and sanitize design so as to maintain a sterile environment. With the addition of the station being mounted on wheels for smooth rolling, it is difficult to argue against the facts that these mobile computer workstations are an invaluable asset to all medical fields.

Final Thoughts

With a mobile workstation investment, a medical professional can avoid dodging back and forth from patient to computer, carrying a stack of hard-to-sort records, or taking up a nurses time with calling out information.

Instead, a medical provider can simply wheel their industrial mobile computer workstation next to their patient and gain access to all past and present medical records, allowing for the better focus on patient care and treatment plans.

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