Why Trenchless Technology is the best Option to Repair Damaged Sewer Line in San Francisco?

Repair Damaged Sewer Line

Sewer repair technology has come a long way in the last few decades. A job that used to be messy, loud, long and expensive is now exactly the opposite. New inspection, repair and replacement technologies are now commonly used by sewer professionals to identify sewer problems and apply solutions that require the minimum amount of intervention. Not only are replacement and repairs much simpler operations, but the materials used are now so advanced that your sewer line will stand up much better to regular wear and tear.

If you are having sewer line problems in San Francisco, then it makes sense to contact a local sewer repair professional that uses the latest in trenchless technology. Here are the main 5 reasons that Trenchless sewer repair is the right choice for fixing your sewer line problems.


The vast majority of homes and businesses in San Francisco have their sewer lines running under their lawns, gardens, parking lots or driveways. Relying on trenching means the destruction of everything above the sewer line for a few yards on either side. Some of the biggest costs involved in trenching actually come from repairing the area above the sewer line once the trench is filled back in. Trenchless technologies require only two or more small holes for even the most extensive sewer line replacements.


Skipping the trench means saving a lot of time on all forms of repairs and replacements. Sewer repair can be loud and stressful, so you want it done and the crews and machinery gone as quickly as possible. While trenching repairs can take over a week, most trenchless repairs and replacements can be finished in less than a day.


Less mess, less labor and less time all add up to a much cheaper operation for trenchless technologies. In the vast majority of cases, trenchless repair comes in at a significantly lower cost than trenching. If your home or business is in an urban area or if your sewer line runs under a driveway, parking lot or professional garden, then trenchless repair will likely save you thousands of dollars compared to trenching.


Trenchless technologies use highly advanced materials for repairs and replacements. Both cure-in-place liners and seamless polyethylene pipe are far superior materials compared to traditional metal piping. Choosing a trenchless technology means that you will greatly reduce the chance of future sewer line problems after your trenchless repair or replacement is complete.


Not only are the materials used in trenchless repair likely to last longer and be more resistant to wear and tear, but they also improve the function of your sewer line compared to traditional metal piping. The flow capacity of your sewer line will be noticeably increased, which is useful in preventing clogs and basement flooding during heavy rains.

Trenchless Technology Is the Best Option in San Francisco

The people of San Francisco have good access to many sewer repair professionals who use trenchless technology. The properties in the San Francisco area are more likely to benefit from the use of trenchless technology because they are in a major urban center.

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