Trenchless Sewer Repair Can Save You A Headache

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Having to do any sewer repairs can lead to a headache for any homeowner, especially if the issues are unexpected. It is wise to take preventative measures ahead of time by servicing your undergound pipes on a regular basis. It may seem unecessary while you aren’t experiencing any issues but it can be saftety net to keep you from having to have any major repairs done in the future. Without preventative measures, you may end up having to spend more time and money fixing a problem that could have been prevented in the first place.

Trenchless is a term for a procedure used to repair pipes that doesn’t require any “trenches” to be dug. This is a great option for homeowners who want to save some money and save their property for being torn up. The trenchless method provides repairs to be done, that normally would have to be dug for, with minimum digging. The two more common methods are pipe lining and pipe bursting. One method is fixing a damaged pipe and the other means doing a complete replacement of the pipe. Pipe lining involves placing a durable liner into the pipe, to create a new pipe. This is done by a machine that blows the liner into the pipe. The liner is covered in resin before it is blown in so that it will hardern to the pipe. Once it dries, you will essentially have a new pipe within your old pipe. Pipe bursting involves bursting the old pipe. This is done by taken the new pipe and equipping it with a bursting tool on the front. As the new pipe is inserted, the bursting tool will burst the old pipe, as it moves along. The end result is a brand new pipe, without massive digging.

Trenchless methods can be done in a smaller amount of time compared to the old way of doing things. Once you have decided on an experienced professional in your area, he or she will come out to inspect the situation. Due to the fact that the pipes are underground, there will be a sewer camera placed into a drain, to inspect it. The camera will create a “first person point of view” for the professional and allow him or her to see any and all problems within the pipe. Once the source of the problem has been established, the professonal will help you decide which method is right for you and what you can afford.

When the procedure is chosen, the professional will begin making the necessary repairs. Since trenchless is an easier way to repair the underground pipes, this means the homeowner can rest easy knowing that the process is done in a shorter amount of time, that the work process will cost less money out of pocket, and that there will be no major destruction done to any of the property. This is why homeowners are having less headaches when surprise repairs arise because the process can run much smoother, when using the trenchless method.

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