Top 5 Carabiner Bottle Openers

carabiner bottle opener

Hikers and tactical personnel love gadgets that have multiple uses. There’s a good chance your everyday carry knives and other equipment already have bottle openers – in fact, you might already be carrying several on you at any given time. A carabiner bottle opener also serves the purpose of clipping things together and giving you a place to hang your keys or other equipment.
People often seem to lose their bottle openers right when they need one. You can be the guy that always has the right tool to open drinks at a party with one of these awesome carabiner bottle openers:

1. Nite Ize DooHicKey

This smart little multi-tool has a mini ruler for measuring, as well as a bottle-opener and flathead screwdriver. It’s no bigger than a single key, and you’ll always find a use for this when you incorporate it into your EDC.

2. Idakey Full Stainless Steel Anti-loss KeyChain Carabiner Multi-Function Home Tool

If you value aesthetic, you’ll like the look of Idakey’s offering here. It has a lovely cool grey finish and intelligent design to help you keep track of your keys by latching them anywhere without risking the carabiner coming unattached.

There are small and large versions – great for different usage scenarios and an EDC item that fits whatever your priorities.

3. Fencher Heavy Duty Bottle Opener Car Key Chain

This one makes it into our top three thanks to its cool rocker look and mixed gold/black design. Thanks to its anti-scratch surface, your tool is going to keep looking great, just like the day you bought it, for a long time to come. No one likes an ugly, tattered piece on their keyring, presenting an ugly, unprofessional image so this is a real bonus.

It also comes with two key rings, of different sizes, so you can separate your keys and easily identify the difference if some are similar looking. That’s a smart piece of engineering you’ll love to make use of every single day.

4. Leatherman 930378 Carabiner Cap Lifter Accessory Keychain

It’s elegant, functional and we love this simple but excellent offering from Leatherman. It looks like something out of a modern art gallery, without the pretentiousness. This tool is a great way to show off your taste and always have a bottle opener to hand in your EDC.

5. Tactical Spinner

To be honest, the others didn’t even come close: this tactical spinner takes the cake. Not only does it offer a dual-sided, symmetrical carabiner design, ideal for swapping and changing without a full disconnect, but it’s also a functional spinning toy.

All those hours sat by the lake, waiting for a bike and you’re cell phone’s running out of battery, give this spinner a whirl, and it’ll spin for up to five minutes. It’s a stunning piece from a company we love and easily one of the best carabiner bottle openers around today.

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