Things to Remember When Recovering from Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery

If you’re scheduled for cataract surgery, you may be wondering what post cataract surgery aftercare will involve. Follow these tips for postoperative care for your cataract surgery, along with any advice your surgeon provides for the best and quickest recovery.

No Driving on Day One

Most people find recovery from cataract surgery quick and easy. While many people resume normal activities soon afterward, you won’t be able to drive for the first day. Most patients find their eyesight is quite blurry after cataract surgery.

Additionally, you will be wearing an eye shield to protect your eye. Most surgeons advise you have a friend or family member drive you home after surgery.

No Heavy Lifting or Strenuous Activity for a Few Weeks

While you may be feeling great after your surgery, avoid lifting heavy items. This will prevent you from putting undue pressure on your eye and aid in its recovery.

Avoid Bending Over

A task as simple as tying your shoes or bending over to pick up something you’ve dropped should be avoided immediately following cataract surgery. As with heavy lifting, bending over could put additional pressure on your eye.

Avoid Sneezing or Vomiting

Sneezing or vomiting can also put extra pressure on your eye. If you suffer from hay fever or spring allergies, you might want to schedule your cataract surgery for a different time of year. If you are unwell, postpone your cataract surgery until you’re feeling better.

Be Careful Walking Around

You may have cloudy vision following your surgery. Once you’re back at home, do your best not to bump into things or fall over to avoid any trauma to your eye. If possible, have a friend or family member stay with you for a while.

Avoid Potential Risks of Infection

You may enjoy swimming as a form of exercise or a hot tub for relaxation, but you avoid these pastimes for one to two weeks. Shared water from a pool or hot tub is a common source of eye infections, which could be detrimental to your recovery.

Don’t Expose Your Eyes to Irritants

If possible, avoid exposure to excessive dust, dirt, or anything else that can irritate your eyes.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes

Avoid rubbing your eyes post cataract surgery. This will also reduce your chance of developing an infection and aid in your recovery. Regarding postoperative care for cataract surgery, ask your ophthalmologist any questions you might have. They will provide you with expert aftercare and advice to help you recover comfortably and make sure you achieve optimal results.

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