Termite Inspection: An Important Step in the Termite Damage Repair Process

Termite Damage Repair Process

The termites are amongst the most notorious home pests which can plague the homes and make it a very tedious process for you to live. They have assisted for over 250 million years and also adjust and kept thriving in every kind of aurous climate changes too. Do you know that the Americans spend more than a $5 billion not only for termite treatment but also for the repairing the damages they have caused.

What are Termites?

They are also referred to as ‘white ants’ which are often confused with the normal ants. Because of their similar sizes, they can easily be mistaken by the homeowners and the commercial property owners. But if one looks closely then you’d notice that termites have a pale or white color and straight and beaded antennas with thick segmented bodies. While the ants come in a shade of brown or black and have bent antennas and obvious waists. These are role characteristics to distinguish the termite from the normal ants.

The types of Termites

There are 45 different species of termites in the United States which are categorized into three main tuples-

1.Damp wood Termites-

This type of species belongs to the Kalotermitidae and Hodotermitidae families. And as their name suggests, they only thrive in the wood which contains the high levels of moisture. As the wooden structures are quite livable to the humans, these termite exits here too.

2.Subterranean Termites-

This belongs to the Rhinotermitidae family, the species which fall under the category which lives in the soil. They create the mud tubes connecting their nests on the food sources they can find nearby like the trees, patios, decks or fences.

3.Dry wood Termites-

This category belongs to the Kalotermitidae family which are often found in the wood that has dried naturally such as the dead trees or has been treated to keep the moisture off like seasoned timbre and the hardwood floors. Some species which use the significant damage to houses but the dry wood termite color ones are typically smaller than that of the subterranean type, and thus the deterioration of an infested area happens at a slower rate too.

An Inspection is very necessary before the Operation

This may seem an unnecessary thing but a termite inspect is actually the first and one of the most important steps which make the whole repairing process successful. There has to be a popper examination of what kind and how much termites are there breeding on your belongings.

Commission a Processional Termite Contractor

One should better inspect the termites and also check for any serious damage caused to your homes. It is advised to call a professional termite contractor to work on the repairs and also ensure that your home is secure to live in it. Also, the termites seldom infest the building and also been gnawing on everything, which should be checked too. A contractor with a trained eye and some professional methods should look after everything beforehand.

Thus, this is how the termite inspection become this indispensable job to be taken care of!

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