How to tell if You Need Trenchless Sewer Repair and Replacement in San Jose, CA?

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Cutting-edge trenchless technology has already entered the market more than 10 years ago. Did you know that there’s no more destructive digging needed whenever you need a sewer line repair or replacement? Aside from that, trenchless sewer repairs present less trouble for both home owner and plumber. There’s no need to hire a contractor for heavy digging.

What is trenchless sewer repair all about? Here are some steps to help you determine if you need trenchless sewer repair and replacement in San Jose, CA.

Identifying Sewer Problems

There are a lot of things that happen, and things to think about whenever a plumber does a sewer line inspection on your home. The topic of having your sewer lines repaired or replaced with trenchless sewer repair and replacement in San Jose will come up. This no-dig solution is definitely one to consider as it brings more benefits than a traditional pipe repair. Here are just some of the sewer line problems it can solve:

Leaks produced by loose or dislocated joints between pipes which allow sewage and/or water to escape.

Fixing pipes that were improperly installed.

A new installation of larger water pipe lines.

Underground pipe issues such as surrounding bushes and trees trying to get into your sewer lines.

Cracked, damaged and blocked sewer line or drain lines.

Opting for Trenchless Sewer Repair

There are currently two ways to dealing with old, broken sewer lines- digging up the entire line and replacing it via the traditional method, or opting for trenchless sewer line repair. There’s a number of factors you have to think as you choose between these two. Would you like to have your property fully intact as the sewer line repairs are being made? You’ll then consider if the significant entry costs of trenchless is better since it doesn’t mar your property’s look.

Most homeowners in San Jose, CA who have tried trenchless method in sewer line repairs will tell you how efficient trenchless is. It’s worth the time, the effort and the cost in terms of being fast and being a green choice. Instead of an army of plumbing contractors, the process only needs a couple of plumbers to do the job. Traditional sewer pipe repairs take weeks, but trenchless only takes a day or two out of your time.

An initial camera inspection serves as the diagnosis on your problem pipes. The new pipes are then inserted via 2 small holes at each end of the affected pipe. Plumbers won’t need to haul water or relocate the pipes. Your property’s structure, the landscape, the walls and the flooring are all left intact.

If you are still in doubt whether trenchless method of sewer pipe repair is the right choice, then it’s best to call and ask a professional plumber for estimates. Most expert plumbers worth their salt will tell you that trenchless is the best method to repair both minor and major sewer and drain line problems. Moreover, the fact that the newer, stronger pipes will last about 50 years or so makes it a worthwhile investment.

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