Storm vs. Sewer Drains

Storm Drain

If sewers are working as expected, we tend not to think about them. However, workers are busy carrying out important storm sewer reconstruction and repair work behind the scenes to keep your city safe from flooding.

Storm sewer reconstruction services are vital. However, many people don’t understand how storm drains work and how they differ from sewer drains.

What Is a Storm Drain?

Storm drains carry rainwater away from roads and plazas in urban areas. Although the name suggests they only work during storms, they are also useful for dealing with rainfall and meltwater. If water simply sat around, streets would flood, causing damage to roads.

Rainfall flows directly into the storm drain which carries it through pipes to a local river, canal, or ocean. It’s important not to dispose of any chemicals or waste down a storm drain, as this could pollute natural water sources.

Storm drains are metal hatches positioned along the curbside. They’re also present in the basements of older buildings, and sometimes down alleys and on driveways. If a storm drain situated in a building becomes broken or clogged, the lower stories of the building could become flooded, causing extreme damage and potentially eroding its foundations.

What Is a Sewer Drain?

Sewer drains collect any waste from bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and any other facilities in a building that expel waste within water. The waste travels down a U-shaped pipe, designed to prevent harmful gases from waste re-entering the building.

It’s this pipe that can sometimes become blocked, causing an unpleasant smell to emanate from your sink or toilet. Sewage systems carry the waste to a treatment facility, where the water undergoes chemical treatment to limit the number of pollutants it contains.

This is a crucial step in protecting the local environment. Modern sewers must pass rigorous testing, ensuring that pipes are sealed to avoid seepage into the ground.

Storm or Sewer Drain Repairs

Both storm and sewers drains are vulnerable to decay and wear over time. Professional contractors carry out storm sewer reconstruction work to ensure that rainwater drains away safely, helping to prevent flooding and erosion.

An unattended drain repair can cause catastrophic damage to your home or commercial premises, so time is of the essence. We are fully qualified to perform storm and sewer drain repairs by the state of Michigan, so you can be confident you will get the service you need.

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