Overview of the Top Rifle Ammunition Brands

Rifle ammunition is a personal choice with owners remaining loyal to their favored brand. Popular and well-known brands include; Winchester, Remington, Federal Premium, Hornady, and Nosler.

Most often, determining which brand of rifle ammo is the best is a personal decision – based on experience with the ammunition. However, understanding the merits of each of the top rifle ammunition brands available ensures you’ve made the right choice.

Top Rifle Ammunition Brands – What are They?Rifle Ammunition Brands

  • Winchester

Winchester is an American brand with a long history, making it one of the most famous rifle ammo brands on the market. Winchester produces exceptional quality products. Found in a red and white box, Winchester’s iconic rifle ammo is suitable for many weapon types and caliber including ammo for rimfire, centerfire rifle, pistol, and shotshell.

  • Remington

Remington is another definitive, American rifle ammo brand. Remington is the longest continually operating manufacturer in the U.S. Packaged in green boxes, the manufacturer producers ammunition for all the primary ammunition types, including ammo for rimfire, centerfire rifle, pistol, and shotshell. One of Remington’s subsidiaries is the lesser known United Metallic Cartridge (UMC) company that introduced the .22LR and the centerfire cartridge.

  • Federal Premium

Although not as well-known, Federal Premium Ammunition has been producing rifle ammo since 1922. So, don’t underestimate the ability of this company; they were the first to introduce ammunition available in stores. Also, thanks to Federal Premium, shotgun shells are now color-coded by their gauge. With the brand’s Hydra-Shok loads used by law enforcement agencies, consumers are guaranteed premium rifle ammo. Federal premium produces all the primary ammunition types, including ammo for rimfire, centerfire rifle, pistol, and shotshell.Rifle Ammunition Brands

  • Hornady

Avid shooter, Joyce Hornady, opened the Hornady ammunition company in 1940 with a mission to manufacture his own ammunition. Thus, Hornady was born to create rifle ammo that met his specific standards that suited his needs. Hornady’s most significant introduction to the ammunition market was the development of the secant ogive bullet the.17 HMR load. To this day, Hornaday retains its specifications and produces a quality shot, and they manufacture all the primary ammunition types.

  • Nosler

Nosler is a “young” ammunition company, starting out in 1946. John Nosler was an avid hunter and felt that the FMJ bullet type was not suitable for hunting. As a result, he developed the now well-known Nosler Ballistic Tip ammunition which introduced a rubber tip coating over a hollow-point round, which provides better energy while retaining the bullets.

Final thoughts

While rifle owners usually stick to one brand of rifle ammo, it’s worth considering other brands to try next time you take out your rifle; who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new favorite, which better suits your shooting needs.

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