What is the importance of body exfoliation before summer in York PA

body exfoliation

It is a fact that when we scrub our skin, we are in a way trying to increase collagen production. We are trying to wake the skin cells up in such a way that they get thoroughly cleansed and pep up. The grime and the dust which can gather on the outermost layer of the skin gets totally eradicated. This is really good since a proper cleansing of the skin is very essential to maintain our health and hygiene. It is mostly seen that a lot of people are very particular about the skin on their face. They cleanse, tone and nourish it properly. However, the same cannot be said of the skin cover on the rest of the body. This is where we really lag. This is what should not happen. Skin all over the body should be given the same kind of treatment which the skin on the face is given. Then and only then can one be sure of having a healthy skin care routine which makes us glow.

Exfoliation is a process by means of which the dead skin cells which form the outermost layer are eroded away. By these means, one can truly clean up properly and make sure that the skin can ‘breathe.’ New regeneration of skin is also hurried up due to this and revitalizing of the skin too happens in this manner. By this process one does not really mean that the body is scrubbed very harshly. This process should be done in a gentle but firm manner. If one really roughs it up, it can result in rashes and skin irritations as well. Thus, one should be careful before going in for skin exfoliation.

What all should follow exfoliation?

It is essential that after a good round of exfoliation, the skin cells are refurbished of any vital oils and fats which they may have lost during this process. Thus, the person who has undergone exfoliation should make it a point to revitalize his or her skin as well. For this, they should use good quality skin care products. Exfoliation may at times be a bit harsh on our skin. Hence, take care to massage the skin with some good lotions, potions and oils after this process. Exfoliation essentially will remove just the outermost dirt on the skin. However, as mentioned before, if it is done even a bit harshly, it can cause irritation to the skin. This becomes all the more the case if one has undergone therapies like those using hot stones or some products which are too strong. Also, some skin types are more sensitive than others. These need to be treated very gently. Other skin types are such that they can withstand some strong treatment. One need not be overly protective in these cases. However, this is difficult to identify at the outset of the treatment. Hence, proper care must be taken at all times to ensure that the skin does not start bleeding or become rough with the exfoliation.

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