Fix Most Common Problem of AOL Desktop Gold

aol desktop gold issues

Do you hate AOL Gold issues, for example, login problems, not working issue, AOL recovery password problem, or AOL mail issues? At that point, find a solution to all these most common AOL Desktop Gold issues in this guide!

All those who are troubled by AOL Gold issues, as…

  • AOL Gold install problem/AOL Error code 104
  • Desktop Gold Sign-in Problem
  • AOL Gold not working/reacting
  • Desktop Gold icon vanished or not working appropriately
  • AOL Mail Issues
  • AOL Password recovery issues

Should read ahead for the most important and outright solution.

AOL Gold download error/AOL Error code 104 Here – Fix it

While downloading Desktop gold, if your PC/laptop:

  • The screen shows an error message “AOL Error 104”,
  • System freezes for a few seconds or Wind The screens keep running far slowly
  • At that point, you have to concentrate on and resolve the AOL Gold download issue. What’s more, to do as such,
  • Run a scanner tool on your laptop or PC, as here and there malware undermines window system files. Subsequently, influencing all programs download and installation.
  • Other than this, clean all junk documents in your PC as once in a while space shortfall is the real explanation behind Desktop gold download glitch.
  • System compatibility is critical for AOL Gold download and installation. In this way, do confirm and coordinate the base standard necessity of AOL Gold with your system.
  • To stay away from AOL error code 104, ensure you have refreshed and significant system drivers installed on your computer.

In conclusion, on the off chance that you have rolled out specific improvements in the system settings, it’s savvy to lead system restoration.

On the off chance that you aren’t a tech-savvy and need point by point ventures for these AOL Gold issues, refer the guide to fix AOL Desktop Gold download problem.

AOL Desktop Gold Login Error- Know the Solution!

During AOL Desktop Gold login, on the off chance that you see:

  • Messages with “Blerk”, “GAH”, or “ZOIDS” term,
  • Blank Screen subsequent to typing username and password, or
  • Your AOL Sign-in Screen disappears
  • It unmistakably demonstrates the AOL gold sign-in issue. In this way, you should fix it.
  • In the first place basic troubleshooting, clear all cache, cookies, history, and impressions put away in your PC/laptop.
  • In case, the AOL gold issues still hold on, go for the advanced troubleshooting (which, fluctuates as per the AOL sign-in issue).

For example, to fix  Blerk error, change program or firewall settings of your computer. Thus, to dispose of ‘GAH’ glitch, enable Java Applets.

Be that as it may, if AOL login screen disappears, reset the web settings of the program you are utilizing to sign-in AOL.

In conclusion, to fix AOL black screen error, allow friendly URLs, change web settings, and enable Java scripting.

Don’t WORRY! Indeed, in the event that you aren’t a PC nerd, you can at present play out these solutions with nitty-gritty steps in the guide to fix AOL sign-in issue.

Quick Fix to AOL Desktop Gold not working/ AOL Gold not Opening.

Things being what they are, you clicked AOL Gold icon many times? Be that as it may, thusly:

  • Completes an egg like symbol keep revolving,
  • At the end of the day, AOL Gold doesn’t open the main page, or
  • Nothing happens-each time you tap on AOL Gold icon. If that’s a yes, it’s a great opportunity to fix the AOL Gold not responding [error] issue. To do as such,
  • Firstly, guarantee you haven’t rolled out any ongoing improvements in your PC. In case you did, at that point perform system restoration process.
  • Secondly, disable “add-ons” mode, as they lead to AOL Gold, not working issues.
  • For an issue as yet continuing, guarantee that Active Scripting, ActiveX, and Java are not being obstructed by the program.
  • For AOL a Desktop Gold not responding on Windows 7, ‘Clean boot’ is a definitive solution. A similar solution is likewise applicable to Windows
  • In case you’re utilizing AOL application on the android phone, make alterations in IMAP account settings and later, restart the system to apply the changes.

To get the detailed steps for an above solution or fix the same AOL Gold issues on iPhone, look at the handbook: Steps to Fix AOL not Working, AOL not responding [Error]

AOL Gold Icon not responding/Desktop Gold Icon is missing: SOLVED

On tapping the Desktop Gold icon, if:

  • AOL Gold programming doesn’t open/launch, or
  • Stops the system,
  • It suggests something isn’t right with the AOL alternate way icon present on your PC desktop. So as to fix it:
  • Begin with the investigation of system network: Troubleshoot modem and switch at that point, change to ‘Network and Sharing Center’ choice to make required
  • Other than this, output and expel all malignant programming from the system as they are sufficiently able to cause any AOL Gold issues.
  • Next, confirm that the AOL alternate way icon has attached source documents. In case, there aren’t any documents present, re-make the desktop gold icon from the system files.
  • Against infection and Firewall, additionally, at times impede the AOL Gold launch. Therefore, impair them and afterward, try launching Desktop Gold icon.

In conclusion, you can perform window reestablish settings to fix the AOL Gold icon not responding issue.

To realize the solution in detail or get a propelled answer for the issue, refer the guide to fix AOL Gold icon not reacting issue.

AOL mail problems: Let’s Troubleshoot

After the launch of Desktop Gold, if clients:

  • Can’t Receive Emails
  • Can’t Send Mail or messages
  • Can’t form or read email,
  • At that point, follow the straightforward advances offered ahead to fix the issue quickly.
  • To fix AOL mail import issue, check the SPAM folder first. On the off chance that the mail lies in there, move it to the main folder by stamp it as “Not Spam”
  • In Case, the mail isn’t lying in the SPAM folder, change your account IMAP and SMTP settings. To know the advance solution, refer the guide here.
  • For AOL mail send out the issue, check and set the “Active Mail Server” segment. Other than this, under “Import/Export” segment in AOL account, enable “Export all contacts/information” option.
  • On the off chance that the sent AOL mail isn’t getting spared in a sent folder at that point, you have to alter IMAP settings. On the off chance that, you need help for the same, call 1-844-853-1440
  • Clearing cookies, cache, and history in the system can help dispose of AOL mail reading or composition error.

For a further advanced solution, detailed steps for the above handy solution, or synchronize Mail application with AOL Desktop Gold Support refer the guide here.

AOL Password Recovery Problems: Fix it NOW!

During AOL password reset, if:

  • AOL Password reset not working
  • You don’t have any account recovery options
  • Login problem excites in the wake of changing AOL Password
  • At that point, troubleshoot all these AOL Gold issues with the following steps.
  • Firstly, AOL account proprietors, who don’t have account recovery data or have forgotten it-type your present mail address with the name in the recovery email address field.
  • Secondly, type the last four digits of the credit card attached to AOL account to confirm as a proprietor. Afterward, type the phone or mail address, where you wish to recover the AOL password.
  • However, on the off chance that you experience login error in the wake of changing the AOL password, make a point to update a similar password in system settings.
  • After attempting a few times to login Desktop gold, if the clients’ fail the account gets blocked. That is the reason, clients get the ‘AOL password won’t work, Can’t reset’ message on the screen.

To get these AOL Gold issues to fix, call Desktop Gold Support +1 844-853-1440.

For answers to other comparative issues or to get point by point answer for the above-said issue, read the guide to fix AOL Password recovery issue.

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