Do Eyes Change After Cataract Surgery?

Cataract Surgery

In a way, yes, eyes change after cataract surgery. Or, rather, your vision changes. Before cataract surgical treatment, your vision is cloudy because of cataracts. Not all cataracts need surgery but, as they worsen, you may experience dim, blurred, and yellow vision. You may see double vision at times, and you may also have poor night vision, which is extremely dangerous if you need to drive when it’s dark. Your eyes are more sensitive to the sun, which may cause you to not spend much time outside, impacting your social life.

In these cases, cataract surgery is necessary. The surgery is very safe and common; during surgery, the lens of your eye will be removed and replaced with an artificial one. The purpose of your lens is to refract light waves, and your vision should be clear. If you develop cataracts, the lens must be replaced.

The surgery takes place is less than an hour. You will be awake the entire time, and won’t feel a thing. The surgeon makes a tiny incision to the front of the eye, sometimes using a laser. They use a tool to break up cataracts, which they then suction out. The surgeon then inserts the new lens, called an intraocular lens (IOL): it can be made up of plastic, silicone, or acrylic. The incisions heal on their own, no work is needed from the surgeon for this. If you need cataract surgical treatment for both of your eyes, you will need two separate surgeries. These surgeries are usually weeks apart.

That’s all there is to it. After the cataract surgery, you will wait 15-30 minutes in the recovery home. After this time period, you are free to go home. There is no need to stay overnight. You will, however, need someone there with you to drive you home, as you will be unable to drive yourself.

Side effects are rare for after cataract surgery. Side effects that have been reported are bleeding, pressure inside the eye, a drooping eyelid, fluid build up, an eye infection, or swelling. After the surgery you are given eye drops to prevent infection and, if used as prescribed, no infection should occur. Again, these side effects to cataract surgery are rare.

If you wore glasses before cataract surgery, you would still need them afterward. This will not change. In some cases, doctors will recommend that you get a prescription for glasses after the surgery. Your vision won’t be perfect, but it will be better. It shouldn’t deteriorate unless you have other problems with your eyes.

So will your eyes change? Yes. You will have a brand new lens with which to see through, and your vision will be brighter, more colorful, clearer, and altogether better. For a better quality of life, talk to your doctor about cataract surgical treatment.

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