Customer Insights – Are They Really Beneficial? Read All About Them Here

Customer Insights

When you develop an idea or concept, it is hard to gain insights quickly. Insights are not too obvious, but they are truthful and give a lot of data about customer behavior. They are pricey but they are also hard to come by. You often have to spend months or even years to gain valuable insights into customer behavior.There are many insights companies in San Francisco that can help you market your products more effectively by tapping into customer behavior.

Definition of Customer Insight

Customer insight is essentially a truth about the customers’ experiences, beliefs, behavior, desires, or needs. The insights that you gain should give you an idea about your target audience.

Peeling a shallot

Gaining customer insight is a bit like peeling a shallot. What is it like to remove the layers of a shallot? You go deeper and deeper. Working on customer insights is a bit like this. You dig deeper exploring the actions, motivations, drivers, and values of your customers to understand what your services, products, or brand really mean to them. Without this knowledge, it is hard to design targeted marketing strategies.

There are several insights companies in San Francisco that use techniques such as in-depth interviews, qualitative research methodologies, and observation studies to gain customer insight. Credibase has a comprehensive listing of insight companies. Take a moment to check them out and you’ll be able to find the right company for your needs. You’ll find customer testimonials on our website and you can select the best company from our listings.

Using standard market research, you can only reach the outer layers of the shallot. In order to gain insights, you have to dig deeper.

What exactly is a customer insight?

A good insight should consist of the following W’s. It should answer the following questions.

What does the customer want?
Why do they want it?

Wow – Insight is not something readily available on the market. You have to discover it by digging deeper.
Insights companies in Toronto can help you gain a deep understanding of your customers. Get in touch with them to find out how they can help your marketing strategies.

What is a good insight?

Powerful insights have the following characteristics. A good insight should be:


It should address and involve someone. When you look for insights, it is important that you focus your activity on a specific target group. A good insight should fill any gaps in your knowledge. It is the secret to offering them exactly what they want.

It should address a true problem

There should be a problem at the heart of the insight and your product will solve it. If there is no problem, who would need your solution?

It should be fresh

An insight needs to be true. It cannot be generic and it cannot be stale. Make sure that either the insight deals with a new problem or presents an existing problem in a new way.

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How brands can increase customer trust by using insights

Weight Watchers is a nice example of this approach. They tap into the emotions and fears of dieters. People who are dieting to lose weight are afraid of failing and suffering humiliation. By capitalizing on this insight, Weight Watchers emphasize the idea that indulgences are okay and that they won’t lead to failure. This is something that all dieters want to hear. It makes them feel good when they hear that they can give into their temptations every now and then and still achieve their ultimate goal of losing weight. Weight Watchers also make it a point to offer lifetime support for their customers during all stages of their weight control program without being judgmental. As a result, customers who are struggling to lose weight feel safer with Weight Watchers than other diet companies that merely emphasize the success of their weight loss programs. Even if you fail to lose weight, you have the consolation that

Weight Watchers will continue to support you. This knowledge helps you feel good about yourself.
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Market strategy planning requires good customer insights

By simply harnessing these insights, organizations can craft a targeted and accurate marketing plan to attract and engage their customers. An organization needs to understand their customers, their needs, wants, behaviors, and frustrations that come from dealing with their product or service. Insights allow businesses to find out why their customers act and react in particular ways. These insights also allow businesses to focus their marketing efforts in ways that increase their brand value and awareness.

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