5 Best Ways to Remove Genital Warts at Home

Genital Warts Wartcream

Clinical Strength Somxl® is produced specifically for Genital wart home removal. Where you privacy is assured. There is no need to see a costly Physician or a Nurse at the clinic. The entire process of removal of genital warts can be done at home without embarrassment.

We use two main ingredients in our genital wart home removal treatment which have two goals. The first goal is obviously to remove the genital warts and the second goal is to help the skin come back to what it was like before the infection.

Those ingredients are Salicylic acid and Ozone. Salicylic acid is the agent that breaks down the internal structure of the wart. Ozone as you know is 3 oxygen atoms combined. Its job is skin rejuvenation because when an area on the body is flooded with oxygen it increases healing times significantly. That is why we have combined these two ingredients to produce Clinical Strength Somxl®

There are other ingredients that are used by other products that remove warts also

You can apply crushed fresh garlic to the wart area and cover the wart with a plaster. The garlic has a caustic effect and will make the wart blister and fall off after a period of time. You will need to apply a new garlic bulb every day, note be very careful to not get it on the surrounding healthy skin because it can burn. To help avoid this you can use petroleum jelly for protection on this area.

Also you can apply a soaked cotton ball in vinegar. Just tape it on to the wart with an elastic plaster for between one and two hours every day.

A common natural treatment is to pick a dandelion from your lawn, break the stem in half and force its liquid from the stem onto the wart. This is to be done everyday. The sap is irritating to the skin, so it activates your immune system and attacksthe wart. Its important not to use dandelions that have herbicides on them at any time in the past.

genital wart remedy

Another common treatment is birch bark, take it and soak it in water, then stick it down with tape to the wart, make sure the inside part of the bark is on the wart. The bark has salicylates in it, which are used in many OTC wart creams on the market today. The same will work with powdered birch bark that you can get from a health
store. It will need to be brewed into a tea, cooled and then use a cloth to soak in the tea and apply to the warts.

You can tape some peel of a banana, with the inner side against the wart. Do this at night before going to bed. One of the chemicals in the banana peel will slowly break down the wart or warts. Sometimes people do the same with lemon peel as it has an oil which removes the warts.

Finally Papaya has an enzyme that breaks down dead skin cells. You will need to make shallow cuts to the skin of an unripened papaya, sap will run out that you can collect. It will coagulate. Mix the coagulated sap and apply it twice a day to the wart.

All these options can remove the warts but none of them are designed with the aim of restoring your skin to health after the wart is removed, only Clinical Strength Somxl® developed a genital wart home removal treatment with this in mind. Your skin the way it used to be.

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